masterclasses 2023

In the summer of 2023, International Master Classes will once again take place in the heart of the enchanting mountain town of Montepulciano in southern Tuscany. The number of participants is limited depending on the course; early registration is therefore recommended.


Active and passive participation is possible

In addition to active participation, passive participation is usually also possible. The course fee per course and week is 570 euros (passive: 285 euros), for students 300 euros (passive: 150 euros) plus 50 euros registration fee. This includes a wine tasting. If two or more courses are taken, a 25 percent discount is granted on the second and all subsequent courses.

Our partner agency Terre Toscane arranges reasonably priced accommodation in Montepulciano, on request also beyond the duration of the course or for accompanying persons. Each master class ends with a public final concert. The courses for solo instruments are accompanied by a répétiteur.

For the safe conduct of the courses and projects, the academy has an always up-to-date hygiene concept that implements both Italian and German requirements and with which we have already gained experience in the past year.


For this master class season, scholarships can be applied for again. Please first register for the desired course as described above. After registering, you can then send a request to the course office.


The course focuses on technical basics, development of individual repertoire from the baroque period to the modern era. Competition preparation and orchestral literature.

Students as well as younger participants (e.g. for study preparation etc.) and graduates can register for this master class. If desired, existing chamber music ensembles can also register.
The repertoire can be freely chosen.


This masterclass is designed for advanced violin students looking to prepare for competitions, auditions, or professional engagements, and to delve deeper into a wide band of solo repertoire and Sonata literature. Individual lessons will take place almost daily combined with evening master class performances. Piano collaboration is available throughout the Masterclass and a public Festive Concert will be presented at its conclusion.

This master class is aimed at pianists of all ages, students and prospective students. The focus is on the artistic and technical development of piano works from all epochs. The course is particularly suitable for preparation for concerts, examinations or competitions.
At the end of the master class there will be a final concert of the participants.

Comprehensive work on vocal technique, musical style, expression, interpretation and performance. The aim is to achieve a free sound, a personal musical interpretation and a convincing stage presence. All course participants are expected to prepare at least six works (arias and/or songs) from the international opera, operetta, oratorio or song repertoire, as desired.

All will receive daily tuition. The course can be combined with Thomas Seyboldt's song course.

Participants in Ulrike Sonntag's and Thomas Seyboldt's courses have the opportunity to get to know the Franklin Method® and to optimise their posture and body tension during daily training with Helga Seyboldt, a qualified movement pedagogue. Admission to participate will be decided after evaluation of the documents including listening test.

In the Lied, poetry, melody and instrumental commentary of the piano merge. It presents singers and pianists - and also their listeners - with special challenges. Partnership music-making, chamber-musical listening and joint breathing are called for, but also playing words or singing colours, which can develop into a fascinating adventure.

The rich repertoire of the piano song from Schubert to Rihm, from Fauré to Britten or from Dvořák to Shostakovich offers the most diverse possibilities for lively narration and soulful creation, whereby each song unfolds its own cosmos.

Song duos, but also individual singers and pianists who want to deepen their understanding of style, form and interpretation of the song can go on a journey of discovery. Particularly addressed are students of voice, piano, lied, accompaniment and conducting, but also professional or particularly ambitious musicians. Song duos will be given priority in the allocation of course places.

At least 6 songs should be prepared for the course (including at least one song by Franz Schubert).

Please send your application with CV and photo to the course office.
Please send the desired repertoire by 08 July 2022 at the latest, so that duos can be sensibly formed from individually registered participants.

The course can be combined with the singing course by Prof. Ulrike Sonntag.

Participants of the two courses by Prof. Ulrike Sonntag and Thomas Seyboldt have the opportunity to get to know the Franklin Method® and to optimise their posture and body tension in daily training with the certified movement pedagogue Helga Seyboldt.

In the Master Class Singing and Song Composition by Prof. Dorothea Wirtz and Prof. Pauliina Tukiainen, lessons are offered both separately and in joint class sessions. The focus of the repertoire can be decided individually. Enrolments as a duo (voice-piano) are expressly desired. For individual registrations of singers and pianists, we try to form suitable duos. In addition, a répétiteur is available.

Applications with an artistic curriculum vitae and a short, expressive sound recording can be sent by e-mail with attached files. The closing date for applications is 20.6.2023.

The course primarily includes voice training, completely detached from intellectual imprinting. In the foreground is a very own organ movement, which is realised in the repertoire with a lot of joy in making music. For this, five opera arias have to be prepared by heart! 
There are up to three units per day: vocal technique, repetition and audition training in the plenum. 
Admission to the course will be decided by the lecturer after evaluation of the documents including the audition. You will receive information on the required documents upon registration.

The professors offer lessons in solo instrument and chamber music. Applicants may apply individually or in chamber music formations*. Collaboration among participants is encouraged.

Topics such as exam preparation and stylistic issues in music are discussed together.

This master class is aimed at advanced pupils, students and pianists. The repertoire can be freely chosen.

The aim of the course is to learn how to successfully prepare works for public performance. The focus is on important interpretative means such as stylistics, timbre, expression, phrasing, fingerings, pedal technique, articulation and others.

The choice of repertoire is free , but will include some etudes and Bach. The course is aimed at all cellists (violinists and violists are also welcome) who share a love of beautiful architecture, breathtaking views and good food to enhance the learning experience.
Professors offer lessons for solo instruments as well as chamber music. Applicants can apply as soloists or as a chamber music group.

Collaboration between participants is encouraged. Topics such as audition preparation and stylistic issues in music are addressed together.

The course focuses on the musical, instrumental and artistic deepening of the violin repertoire from 1650-1950. Each solo participant prepares at least 2 movements from one of J.S. Bach's solo sonatas/partitas, plus preferably one movement of a classical or romantic violin concerto or sonata. Further repertoire as desired.

Existing chamber ensembles are also welcome. Here the repertoire is freely selectable.
Registration deadline: 25.06.2023

In the beginning is the vision. The course is aimed at music students and young musicians who are in private or public professional musician training. There are no repertoire restrictions. Performance practice issues and individual practice methods will be the focus. Aspects of stylistics, phrasing, articulation, fingering, pedalling, breathing, body awareness etc. will be addressed as required.