masterclasses 2024

In Summer 2024, the international master classes will once again take place in the picturesque mountain town of Montepulciano in southern Tuscany. Explore detailed information about our instructors, as well as registration, accommodation and transportation.

Active and passive participation is possible

In addition to active participation, passive participation is usually also possible. The course fee per course and week is 750 euros (passive: 375 euros), for students 380 euros (passive: 190 euros) plus 60 euros registration fee. This includes a wine tasting. If two or more courses are taken, a 20 percent discount is granted on the second and all subsequent courses.

Our partner agency Terre Toscane arranges reasonably priced accommodation in Montepulciano, on request also beyond the duration of the course or for accompanying persons. Each master class ends with a public final concert. The courses for solo instruments are accompanied by a répétiteur.

For the safe conduct of the courses and projects, the academy has an always up-to-date hygiene concept that implements both Italian and German requirements and with which we have already gained experience in the past year.


For this master class season, scholarships can be applied for again. Please first register for the desired course as described above. After registration, you can then submit a request to the course office and receive further information. Please adhere to the following deadlines for scholarship requests: June 15, 2024, or July 15, 2024.

This master class is designed for pianists of all ages, students, and aspiring musicians. The focus is on the artistic and technical interpretation of piano works from all eras. The course is particularly suitable for preparing for concerts, exams, or competitions. At the end of the master class, there will be a final concert featuring the participants.

 Violin technique and repertory with emphasis in exploring new grounds of violinistic creation.

The master class in singing and Lied interpretation, led by Prof. Dorothea Wirtz and Prof. Pauliina Tukiainen, offers instruction both individually and in group sessions. The focus of the repertoire can be decided on an individual basis. Duo registrations (voice-piano) are expressly welcomed. For individual applications from singers and pianists, efforts will be made to form suitable duos. Additionally, a collaborative pianist is available.

Applications, including an artistic CV and a brief, meaningful audio recording, can be submitted via email with attached files.



In English: The course includes solo works, orchestral excerpts, performance and audition training, instrumental fundamentals, reed making, and ensemble playing.

In addition to the intensive musical and interpretative work in individual lessons on self-prepared pieces, there is ample time dedicated to important topics such as breathing, airflow, tone production, and the deepening of technical foundations.

Further emphasis is placed on individual performance and audition training, as well as reed making.

Each participant receives daily individual lessons, collaborative piano support, and the opportunity to perform in the final concert.

The master class is open to both singers and pianists. Both existing duos and individual singers and pianists are welcome to apply. The entire repertoire of song, concert, opera, and operetta will be taught in the disciplines of voice and piano accompaniment. Up to 6 piano accompanists will collaborate with up to 12 singers. In the morning, each duo will receive instruction alternately from Prof. Lindner and Prof. Wierig, and in the afternoon, the works developed will be taught in a plenary session by both course instructors. At the end of the one-week, intensive collaboration, a diverse and exciting public concert will be presented.

Singers are requested to prepare:
- 3 arias from the opera/operetta repertoire
- 2 arias from the concert repertoire
- 3 songs of their choice

Upon receiving confirmation of participation from the Accademia Musicale di Montepulciano/Palazzo Ricci, singers in the vocal department are kindly asked to submit a binding list of the pieces they have prepared. This will enable the piano accompanists to adequately prepare. The deadline for submitting the list of works to be studied is July 10, 2024.

The master class focuses on the topics of concert, competition, and audition preparation, as well as a repertoire spanning Baroque, Classical, and Romantic periods.

The course is designed for students who are interested in concert competitions and audition preparations.

Comprehensive work on vocal technique, musical stylistics, expression, interpretation, and stage presence is emphasized. The goal is to achieve a free sound, personal musical interpretation, and a compelling stage presence. All participants are expected to prepare at least six pieces (arias and/or songs) according to their preferences from the international opera, operetta, oratorio, or song repertoire.

Every participant receives daily instruction. The course can be combined with Thomas Seyboldt's song course.

Participants in the courses led by Ulrike Sonntag and Thomas Seyboldt have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the Franklin Method® and optimize their posture and muscle tension during daily training with the certified movement educator Helga Seyboldt. Admission to participation will be determined after the evaluation of documents, including an audition.

In the Lied, poetry, melody, and the instrumental commentary of the piano merge. It poses special challenges for singers and pianists - as well as their audience. Collaborative music-making, chamber music listening, and shared breath are required, but also playing with words or singing with colors, which can develop into a fascinating adventure.

The rich repertoire of piano songs, from Schubert to Rihm, Fauré to Britten, or Dvořák to Shostakovich, offers diverse opportunities for lively storytelling and soulful expression, with each song unfolding its own cosmos.

Explorers on this journey can be Lied duos, as well as individual singers and pianists who wish to deepen their understanding of the style, form, and interpretation of the Lied. Students specializing in voice, piano, Lied, accompaniment, and conducting are particularly encouraged, as well as professional or exceptionally ambitious musicians. Lied duos will be given preference in the allocation of course places.

For the course, a minimum of 6 songs should be prepared (including at least one song by Franz Schubert).

Please submit your application with a CV and photo to the course office.

The course can be combined with the singing course by Prof. Ulrike Sonntag.

This course is designed for all flute players: students and those studying before, during, or shortly after their academic studies, individuals seeking employment post-graduation, and all professionals working with the flute who are looking for new inspiration or further educational opportunities. Ambitious amateur flutists are also welcome.

The course primarily involves vocal training, completely detached from any intellectual imprint. The focus is on an innate organ movement, which is embodied with a lot of musical joy in the repertoire. For this purpose, five opera arias are to be prepared by heart!

There are up to three sessions per day: vocal technique, rehearsal, and group audition training.

Admission to participate will be determined after the assessment of documents, including an audition, by the instructor. Information on the required documents will be provided upon registration.


This master class is aimed at advanced pupils, students and pianists. The repertoire can be freely chosen.

The aim of the course is to learn how to successfully prepare works for public performance. The focus is on important interpretative means such as stylistics, timbre, expression, phrasing, fingerings, pedal technique, articulation and others.

This master class is open for enrollment to both students and younger participants (e.g., those preparing for studies) as well as graduates. Existing chamber music ensembles are also welcome to register if desired.

Participants are free to choose their repertoire.


The choice of repertoire is free, but it should include some etudes and works by Bach. The course is designed for all cellists who share a passion for beautiful architecture, breathtaking views, and good food to enhance the learning experience.

Content and Objectives of the Course::

Refining aspects of musicality and technique for each individual student or participant.

Preparation for performances, competitions, auditions, and examinations.

Improving stage presence and overall performance skills.

Increasing appreciation and knowledge for the various styles of composers and works.

Utilizing the power of different practice strategies.

Participants in this course have the opportunity to select their repertoire according to their personal preferences. The only requirement set by the course instructor is that the areas of opera, oratorio, and Lied are equally represented. Please send an audio sample to after submitting your application.